Mike at Tree Fort Bikes

I recently placed an Order for a shoulder brace at a company, Tree Fort Bikes.  I have never ordered anything from them before, but was looking for a particular type of shoulder brace for my man.  He liked the one at Tree Fort Bikes.  When I placed the Order, I Ordered Fed Ex.  We are in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and in a later email to the company about my Order, I explained it this way:

“I believe that it was Fed Ex Select or three day, one or the other, I realize that it could possibly be as fast, or faster with Priority Mail, the only reason I ordered Fed Ex was because the problems with the Stone Mountain Post Office. The carriers, even though we are here 24 hours a day, will be damned if they will blow the horn, or walk up to the house to leave a package. Fed Ex and UPS have no problems, if we are gone, they know where to leave a package, but Postal will not, to save their lives do anything that takes any kind of sense.”

Anyway, I had found out that the package was inadvertently shipped out via USPS.  When I found out, I emailed the company with my fur all up and ready to start hissing.  The email that I received in return, was immediately calming, I don’t know why.  Usually I am still a bit of a hot head when someone does not follow directions/instructions properly.   The email, from a man named Mike, for some reason, had me feeling like I wanted to explain my ire, so part of my email is above in the pink.  I realized that it was not Tree Fort Bikes that had pissed me off, it is this growing unhappiness with Stone Mountain Post Office Postal Carriers.  I will save it for another day.  This is about Tree Fort Bikes.

They have gone out of their way to make me happy, and I told Mike:  “I so much appreciate your assistance, and will gladly give the company a good reference to those we know that use anything at all that you carry, and a good word on at least one of my blogs, not to mention that you have gained a loyal customer.”  Now, that I have kept my word, I feel all the better.  What do they call it?  Pay if forward?  Where someone does a good thing, and in turn you do a good thing, and on, and on, and on….

For anyone, who needs support braces… Knee, shoulder, or anything I guess having to do with Bikes, try them out, they are well worthy of your business, and stand behind the business, so unlike many today.  Happy Sporting!

Wrongful Foreclosure Complaints


It is truly amazing, the number of wrongful foreclosure complaints that are on the internet.  People search around for a complaint to copy and file in the Court, and wallah!  That one looks like a winner! 

Ever do a google search on “wrongful foreclosure”?  Amazingly… there are millions of returns on that phrase.

The other thing that no one considers, is who really puts all those sample complaints on the web?  Is every site on the up and up, or do the banks contribute their share with mis-information.  It would have to be that way. 

I have noticed some of the complaints that have ended up in the Courts, filed by pro se litigants.  Obviously, someone put that complaint out there, just so that these people would file it and fail.  Like… Well, there is another we won’t have to worry about fighting us in the courts.  So who?  Who would do such a thing?

Clearly another pro se litigant would not take an unproven complaint and suggest to others that it is a winner. 

And God knows, the plethora of bad case law already created from the rulings of federal courts, ESPECIALLY rulings from US District Court or the Northern District of Georgia, with the exception of course of Amy Totenberg’s rulings.  Those are actually the only ones worth readings. 

If you have a case in front of any other judge in NDGa., why even wait till its over to read the ruling, you know what it will say.