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JPMorgan Chase Beaten by Beaton, Pro Se! Hallelujah!

Posted on March 29, 2013

beaten by a girlPro Se Plaintiff Deborah Beaton filed a Complaint against JPMorgan Chase wherein Defendant Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. (“NWTS”) joined in a Motion to Dismiss with Chase. In her Second Amended Complaint (SAC), Beaton alleges three causes of action:

  • (1) Violation of the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) against NWTS,
  • (2) Incomplete Indorsement/Chain of Title, and
  • (3) violations of the Washington Deed of Trust Act (“DTA”).

USDC Honorable Richard A. Jones gave Beaton her causes of action (1) and (2) against the defendants’ Motion to Dismiss… and the beat goes on!

slapIn their normal “too big to get slapped down” modus operandi, Northwest Trustee Services filed additional paperwork well beyond the local rule limits…probably thinking the Judge wouldn’t notice. However, Judge Jones noted in his Order (click for order),

“Allowing NWTS to join…

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This is Scary, This Guy Used to Give Me A Ride to Church on Wed. Nights

All the way up to this guy’s arrest, he was giving me rides to church on Wednesday nights.  I was 12/13 years old.

I had heard that he had been arrested for murder, but for many years, until today, had not remembered that much about it or thought about it much.  I guess we block things like that out of our minds when we are young.

I give thanks that it was not me, and cry for the family of those little girls.


Virgil Delano PRESNELL Jr.

Classification: Murderer

Characteristics: Rape

Number of victims: 1

Date of murder: May 4, 1976

Date of birth: 1953

Victim profile: Lori Ann Smith (female, 8)

Method of murder: Drowning

Location: Cobb County, Georgia, USA

Status: Sentenced to death on October 1976

Virgil D. Presnell Jr., was sentenced to death in October 1976 in Cobb County. Five months earlier, on May 4, 1976, he kidnapped two schoolgirls. Presnell confessed to laying in wait for the 10- and 8-year-old girls. He raped and sodomized the older girl, and when 8-year-old Lori Ann Smith tried to run away, he drowned her in a stream.

According to Cobb County D.A. Patrick Head, Presnell was retried in 1999 and given the death penalty again. “There is no doubt as to Presnell’s guilt,” says Head. “But here we are, 31 years later, and he is still sitting on death row.”