I don’t know about the rest of yall, but I have had about enough of the corruption within the Judicial System. I see that it’s not just in Georgia, but all over the whole country.

It’s just a damn shame that the greatest country in the world is riddled with such corruption and apparently everyone knows it and nothing is done about it.

A friend of mine has a site: http://www.cajc.com Citizens against Judicial Corruption. He pointed out to me a blog on this site: http://www.judicialmisconduct.blogspot.com

I guess this is one way to fight back. There still has to be more.

If anyone else (I’m not speaking of attorneys, or law students, I am speaking of those of us forced to fight for our Rights in the Courts as Pro Se litigants) if anyone else has ever sat back and read case after case after case for caselaw, it is obvious that what is going on goes against everything our country was created for. The Supreme Court in many cases goes through and analyzes what it was that the “framers intended” when they made laws.

I can tell you…. the framers did not intend justice to be only for the rich, only for those who can afford attorneys, only for friends and family of Judges. They never intended the Judges to be bias/prejudice and treat litigants without dignity, to treat them as idiots, to humiliate them.

We have studied the law diligently for four years now. No, not at college, but studied in the same way one would study in college. We are not idiots, and we will not quit, we will not go away!

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  1. In the age of computers maybe we can do away with the actual need for lawyers.Judges, prosecutors, and most attorneys think they are in a special class, with a special language, where they are the monarchy, and everyone else are their subjects to be fed off of, their assets plundered. It is time to end the party, and make our US courts as our forefathers intended. If average people are elected, or appointed in an American way to Grand Juries, we can end the “Black Robe” Mafia’s reign of terror. Let’s stand together as true Americans. -Steven G. Erickson

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