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  1. Reading this post will save many lives:
    USA Patent 7,135,195 Solution

    Former Surgeon General of the Air Force, P.K. Carlton, writes the following letter to the office of homeland security 2007 requesting the following:

    “I feel it can be used in the area of bio-defense from bio-terrorism to infectious diseases such as SARS. The anti-microbial has undergone rigorous testing and has been found to kill Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Hospital Staph and SARS. It is the first new anti-microbial for the hospital in many years. In addition it is non-toxic to humans, EPA approved (Hospital Staph and Bubonic Plague) and currently Sec 18 approval. The Solution has shown to be a wide spectrum anti-microbial/bio-contaminant that can be used to increase the safety and functionality of health care facilities in the event of bio-terror attack or infectious disease outbreak such as SARS. In short, we currently do not have anything with such a wide spectrum of efficacy in our inventory. As such I recommend that the anti-microbial be evaluated for addition to the National Push-back stockpile. It will make our nation a safer place to live and work.” General P.K.Carlton MD. (excerpt of a letter to the Dept. of Homeland Security, 2007)

    Senator Orrin Hatch has formally requested Silver Sol be used for homeland security specifically against bio-terrorism such as Anthrax Orrin Hatch. Letter to Tom Ridge Homeland Security, 2006 (Source: researchsilver.com)

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