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Amazing how some companies manage to stay in business.

When you read the emails back and forth below, keep in mind, when I first attempted to get some of these bulbs changed out on warranty, they takled me into testing some of their new bulbs, and I agreed to write reviews on my honest opinion on the bulbs.

Also keep in mind, that when I attempted to get the warranty honored, and they talked me into reviewing bulbs, they told me that they were sending replacement bulbs with the bulbs I was to review for the company. Wow! What a way to get around honoring a warranty!

I tried to get this handled within the proper time period, and they ignored me. Now I am pissed, they accuse me of waiting a year and a half? STAY AWAY FROM TORCHSTAR!!!

Order ID 102-7500561-9948253:
4 of TORCHSTAR Dimmable LED GU10 6000K Daylight Spotlight 110V 4W (330 Lumen – 50 Watt Equivalent) 45 Degree Beam angle [ASIN: B00AX0I4FA]

————- Begin message ————-

Dear Janet,

Thank you for contacting with Torchstar. For your information, all of our products have one year manufacturer warranty. According to our return policy, order is covered by our one year product warranty is eligible for replacement. Since your order was placed on July 5, 2013, which is almost one and a half years, it is no longer covered by our warranty and not eligible for replacement. Thank you for your understanding.

Torchstar Team

— Original message —

Order ID 102-7500561-9948253:
4 of TORCHSTAR Dimmable LED GU10 6000K Daylight Spotlight 110V 4W (330 Lumen – 50 Watt Equivalent) 45 Degree Beam angle [ASIN: B00AX0I4FA]

————- Begin message ————-

I purchased, all together 20 of these bulbs, for a total of $159.60 w/shipping. No less than 10 have quit working. I attempted to get part of them handled while they were still under warranty. Instead, they talked me into trying out some of the newer bulbs, and write a review on them. I did not mind doing that, but I did expect to have the warranty honored on the ones I purchased. That never happened. When the bulbs worked, they were most pleasing, but as you can see, it has been at least six months since the bulbs began to fail. Less than one year for the bulbs, is not acceptable by any means, especially when you can not get the warranty honored.

Your ad for the bulbs claims that the bulbs are good for 20,000 hours. 20,000 hours @24 hours a day (which the ad also says they can be run 24/7), but hypothetically, 20,000 @ 24 hours a day = 833.3333 days or 2.283 years. Not running the bulbs 24 hours a day, let’s say for 8 hours a day, 20,000 hours would give you 2499.99 days, or 6.8493123 years. Less than 1 full year, is way off, looking at it that way.

I really would hate to have to go in and change my reviews on the bulbs, I enjoyed giving rave reviews on your bulbs. I just cannot afford to replace all the bad bulbs at this point. It was hard enough the first time to pay out over $150 to replace the old bulbs that I had been using. I was really excited about finding Torchstar and their bulbs, but I cannot afford to replace the bad bulbs right now. So I have a dilemma.

Would someone please get back to me on these bulbs, I would appreciate it.

Janet McDonald
[e-mail address removed] is the best email to reach me quickest.

————- End message ————-

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