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Not long ago, I ordered some fuel through Zoro. The fuel that we run in our Stihl 460 Chainsaw, the leaf blower and everything else with a small engine that we want to last. Gasoline really sucks nowadays.

Anyway, for less than $75 for 5 gallons, was a deal that I could not refuse, 5 gal of premix for 2-strokes: Small Engine Fuel, 2 Cycle, 5 gal., Appearance Blue, Flash Point (F) -22 Degrees , Specific Gravity 0.7-0.8 @ 68 Degrees F, Engineered for Carburetors and Fuel Injection Systems. Protects Fuel Systems, Saves Carburetors, Enables Worry-free Long-Term Storage, Burns Cleaner and Extends Engine Life. Also Won’t Attract Moisture, Oxidize or Form Gummy Deposits in Carburetor.

So, I placed my order. They sent me an email confirming, and one letting me know it shipped. The first time, it shipped, UPS freight. I waited, then contacting them for a tracking number. They emailed back and said that it should have delivered the day before, that I should contact UPS. I did. UPS said that they showed that it arrived, but no one knew what happened to it. I waited after 3-4 phone calls to UPS, and a week’s time, I contacted Zoro again.

Zoro did great, they said that they would deal with UPS from that point forward, and they set up a new shipment and sent it through Dynamex this time. After several days, I contacted Zoro for a tracking number. They advised that I should contact Dynamex for tracking. I contacted Dynamex and found out that they had tried to deliver, several days before I contacted them. They said that the delivery guy had come out, no one appeared to be home, and the dogs scared him, so he left. Now my male is 250+ pounds

and the female is 130+ pounds.

So, that was believeable. I was told that they had tried to telephone me about the delivery, and had the wrong number.

I though yea, right. Then they told me the number, and I don’t know why, but apparently at some time or another, I had given my Mama’s house number. She died in 2001, but my brother still lives there, but no longer has that number. So that was a problem. Dynamex said that they had mailed the fuel back, when they could not get me on the phone. They checked to see if they could stop the shipment back, but it ha left already, and gotten all the way back to where it had shipped from. Dynamex then told me that Zoro is a division of Grainger, and that the local store might have the fuel to check with them. Well, you know, they could not cross the order, due to difference in part numbers.

So, I contacted Zoro again and told them the whole story. They were great, they said not to worry, and sent me out another order. They told me that when they send the email to let me know it had shipped, to contact Dynamex immediately and make arrangements for the delivery. I did as instructed, it was just the next day, when I contacted Dynamex, and they already had the fuel, said that it would be at my house shortly. A little while later, a man called and said to give him 10 minutes and he would be here. Within ten minutes, the delivery man was here, and I finally got my fuel. I was very happy!

Looking back on all that I went through to get the fuel, I realized what a jam up job all of these people had done. Everyone I dealt with, showed patience, understanding, in fact every one of them had a sense of humor about it. When the man had to tell me that the dogs had scared the delivery man, we all laughed, but seriously when two huge wolves are standing there giving you hell, it can be unnerving.

I just wanted to share that with everyone. Sometimes, an experience like I went through can be so annoying, and the seller is not so easy to deal with. Not in this case, everyone from Zoro, Dynamex and Grainger that I dealt with, were wonderful, and made it much more easy for me to deal with the problems. I realize now also, that part of the problem, was that they were so much on the ball, that I did not realize delivery would come so quickly. It really threw me for a loop. It sounds crazy, the company was so efficient, that I missed my order twice. Funny, but true, and they were all wonderful about it.

Great companies to deal with, yall try out Zoro, Dynamex, and Grainger, they will not let you down!

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