You know what pisses me off even more than this new blog writing thing?

Trying to get a truly comfortable task chair for use at a computer.

Hell, I spend 20 hours a day in this chair sometimes. Every chair boasts of how comfortable the chair is. Sure, maybe for the first three days. They don’t put enough cush in the but. I almost get paralyzed this thing is so uncomfortable.

I even had a Hon for a while. Same thing. Every one I have ever tried, the seat cushion collapses in no time, and then it is like sitting on a hard wooden bench. Hell, the wooden bench could not hurt any worse.

Why can’t they produce a truly comfortable chair that will not lose the seat cushion. I don’t weigh that much. 125-130 pounds and I am 5′ 8″ tall.

If anyone knows of a chair that will not kill me to sit in it for 20 hours a day, please, let me know!