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Since when did they start giving freebies, if you get a vaccine?

Since when do you need more than one vaccine for any virus?

Vaccine means a specially prepared antigen which, upon administration to a person, will result in immunity. https://www.lawinsider.com/dictionary/vaccine

Since when: do vaccines make you sterile? do you need two shots for one virus?

Since when does a virus mutate more than once a year? (I use once a year, because every year, they used to come out with a new flu shot). But wait, how can they have a new flu shot for the new flu, if the flu is new? They can’t. So the yearly flu shot has been bullshit all along too. BUT, they got everyone to believe that they needed a flu shot every year. Now, they want the people to believe that it takes multiple shots within weeks of each other, to immunize people? Since when did that happen? Oh, I know, I know! Since Bill Gates said so.

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Since when did Bill Gates become a Doctor? Since when did Bill Gates become anything more than a thief, and Microsoft crook, whose daddy was a man working for the people that appear at Bilderberg every year? All of the sudden Bill Gates, the man that said that they planned to cull the human herd through the use of vaccines, creates vaccines. Some of Bill Gates vaccines killed and maimed Africans, people living in India, and now Italians can be added to the countries that want him tried as a war criminal.

Image from ($5 from every sale of a bobblehead depicting Dr. Anthony Fauci goes to the AHA’s 100 Million Mask Challenge. (National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum / FOX 9))

Since when do you need to wear a mask for a virus? Only sick people should be required to wear a mask. People believe everything that comes out of the mouth of the likes of Fauci? You can’t tell me that everyone believes the words of someone with little beady eyes, and changes his recommendations as often as he changes his underwear?

Since when do people that have had the vaccine, have to fear people who have not have had the vaccine? Common sense tells us that if we have had the vaccine, that we are immune. So what the hell do you have to fear, except fear itself. Why are you afraid? Because the fake news says to fear? The news is nothing more than a bunch of fear mongers, that are owned by those who plan to cull the human herd. You want to listen to people that want to kill you off? Are you really that gullible?

When I was a kid, all kids got the chicken pox. Once you get it, like any other virus, once you have had it, you can’t get it again, unless you never got the chicken pox. What is everyone so afraid of? It has been proven that the survival rate is like 97.9% survivor rate.

Where has everyone’s common sense gone? Are you not filtering your water to remove the fluoride, chlorine, and other things that are put into the water to dumb you down?

Annamarie Strang

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People really believe the government would not lie to them? People really believe that the government is going to keep them safe? Safe from what? The government has taken over “The People’s House” (the white house). So people really believe that those who are hold up in the White House are going to protect the people from something? It appears more like the people hiding in the White House, with armed military to protect THEM, not the people. And these same people that believe those hiding in the White House, guarded by armed Military, want to protect anyone, except themselves? The White House is the People’s House, and it has been taken over by those who want to stay away from normal every day people.

Our forefathers have already rolled over in their graves because of what “We the People” have turned into. God has warned and warned of the times to come, and here people line up to get their mark of the beast.

I swear, I fail to understand. People would not know a false flag, if it bit them in the ass while waiving a flag, with “false flag” written on it. Democrats don’t care about our lives. They are willing to kill off their underlings to get what they want. They want the country and for you to be slaves, thus they must take the guns of the American people, in order to get what they want. You don’t really think that they would not have a madman kill a bunch of people to cause their underlings to bow down and turn in their guns for fear of being shot during any number of circumstances. Do you really think that they would not kill your kids to make you change? Think again. They will stop at nothing. These very same people that took a knee, that bowed to the Chinese dictator, that do deals with Putin behind your backs?

People that believe these things, are not people, they are sheeple, willing to walk off the edge of the cliff, because of being promised that they will be kept safe. And the government is just the ones that will save them. I gave up on the sheeple awakening. I used to think they would. Apparently, I was wrong.

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