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Ok, so I went and picked up a special baby. She is AKC Giant Malamute. She is four (4) months old. Her name, when we picked her up was Precious. We know I could not leave it at that, so I named her Native American Name, like all my babies… Quetzalli Kasa, Precious thing dressed in furs. So, I didn’t change her name, I enhanced it.

She was the pick of the litter, that the breeder was planning to keep. She has the mother still. The breeder got the mother a few years ago, she ordered her straight out of Alaska: Kingfishers Baroness Alaska (WS48497307), and the father: Artemis Nox (WS62796509). The ad was on the AKC site: https://marketplace.akc.org/breeder/barbara-akers-30948/alaskan-malamute/265779

The breeder planned to keep her, and she was living with the breeder, both her parents, and her aunt (all 4-legged). The breeder was in some kind of accident and had a brain injury. She decided that she could not take care of all of the animals and first sold the father. Then shortly after that, ran the ad for the puppy. I ran across the ad right after it began running, and contacted her. It is most probably the only breeder in GA of the Giant Malamute. She is very special.

I felt badly about taking the baby, but she assured me that she wanted her to go the best home possible, and that is my house. I called to let her know we had gotten home ok. She said that she had been crying ever since we left. I felt so badly.

It took the puppy a day to get over the travelling and the new place, but, tonight she snapped out of it, and she is fine. “I’m a puppy, puppies play, everything’s a toy, and everything’s a game, cause I’m a puppy and puppies play!” I had forgotten how much fun a very large breed puppy can be. Ouch!

But for everyone that knows the turmoil of loss, and those who know how devastated we were at our loss, and all the kind words, and sympathy, and for all my neighbors that put with Takee howling 20 hours a day for a week, Thank You!

Nothing ever will or ever can bring back Tiponi, and we still miss her tremendously, and I still daily, shed tears from the pain of the loss. She will be in our hearts forever, and if God should accept us into heaven, we will be reunited there. May God hold her in the palm of His Hand forever….

3 thoughts on “Malamute Puppy – Quetzalli – (kayts-ahl-lee) (precious thing) Kasa (dressed in furs)

  1. gregster70 says:

    Hi Nootkabear,

    Wow, what a beautiful little girl, & a great name to acquire. She has found a great home no-doubt, & hopefully Takee will accept, teach & love her too. And that will help with recovering from the recent loss of Tiponi for sure, if not completely. Ya’ll better stock-up on band-aids when she gets playful ! Sharp teeth for sure !

    Have fun you guys, congratulations, & no doubt God will look after Tiponi.

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    1. nootkabear says:

      Thanks so much! She is getting playful, now that she is getting used to how things run around here.

      Takee has been real good with her. He still has a sadness in his eyes. I am sure I do as well. Nothing will ever remove the loss of the sweetest puppy on earth.

      Alas, it does make it a whole lot easier, and who knows, she may turn out to be the next to the sweetest puppy on earth.

      Tiponi, when she was baby, would wake up and see where she was, and almost burst with joy! I never saw anyone so happy to wake up.

      Quetzalli (“Quezi”) is what I started calling her, and she seems to really like it. I pronounce it about like you would the word crazy. She is very happy when she wakes up too. Woke up this morning and she was sleeping with us. I almost cried.

      Again, Thanks!

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