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What happens every time mankind becomes so evil? 

The United States especially has become so evil, that children are being sold as sex slaves, and used for adrenochrome.  Infants are being raped, yes infants!  And every one turns a blind eye.

Can anyone really blame God for allowing this country to fall into ruins?  Look at our politicians.  They all are a bunch of greedy, mindfucking, evil atrocities that has ruined our country.  Our forefathers must be truly horrified that we have allowed, everything they fought for to be taken from us, like taking candy from a child. 

In the hopes that the government, of all things, will swoop down and save us from unseen horrors.  One by one, they have taken everything from us, and it continues.  People watch the mainstream news, and hang onto every word, as if it is the gospel.  Common sense tells us that the mainstream news is bullshit, yet we hang on every word.  We live in the most corrupt times imaginable.  We have by-passed the throws of the Roman empire, where they had open orgies with everyone fucking each other as commonly as blowing their noses. 

Every time man has gotten so corrupted, God has cleansed the earth.  Let’s face it, someone did vote for Joe Biden.  I don’t know anyone who admits that they voted for him, but someone did, he is President.  And if no one did, then we are all guilty as hell for not doing anything about having a non-elected president.  We all sit back, day after day, while Supreme Socialist Leader Biden systematically destroys the country that our forefathers killed and died for, the more perfect union.  And since we are such wimpy, pussies, we beg for someone to protect us, rather than stepping up and taking care of ourselves.  What the fuck is wrong with everyone?

I tell you one thing, the men have been feminized, and the women have become a bunch of dikes.  That is the only thing I can come up with.  How many parents do you see raising hell about the schools teaching 4-6 years old about sex and how to masturbate, taking dildos to school and teaching sweet innocent children that it is good to become a transgender.  How long do yall really think God is going to put up with this shit?!? 

Innocent children given the death shots, and taught these atrocious behavior by drag-queens doing story time, while bouncing your kids on their knees?  This sick perverted men, the pedophiles that they are!  I tell you what, my Daddy would have taken on as many as he could, till it killed him.  He would have never put up with such sick shit!  Any parents that tolerate this shit, don’t deserve their children, and heaven forbid what will come to America because of this behavior.  God is not going to not notice this.  It’s like the wild west all over the country.

The President admitted that he fondled his young daughter, and thinks it is ok that he took showers with her and abused her.  His son, Hunter, is a pedophile, and incestuous sick basterd. But of course he is, the fruit don’t fall from the tree. And we have these people running our country! 

They have millions upon millions of illegal aliens coming into our country to destroy our culture and heritage, and you people don’t give a flying fuck!  I can’t believe it! 

Everyone sits back, and hell if I know what they think or do.  Either getting drunk, doing drugs or something, cause if they’re not, we are in even worse shape than I thought.  That would mean, that there is no excuse at all for our behavior.  My God people, what is wrong with you?

Whatever happens, I don’t know what it will be, but we will deserve it, and it ain’t going to be pretty.   I pledge my soul to God Almighty, and I pray that he forgives me for not speaking sooner!  I do believe that there will be a cleansing of the earth though.  Every time the world gets this evil, there is a cleansing.  So hold onto your ass, it will be a wild ride, and where you end up in the end will be your own doing!

2 thoughts on “A RANT: What happens every time mankind becomes so evil? 

  1. MaddMedic says:

    You nailed it!!

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