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12 Responses to Nanoparticulate Rain, Interview With A Scientist at https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

  1. Timbersays: October 14, 2022 at 11:17 am blinded by lazyness: Lemmings follow the Pyd Piper by words of Lies.  Many accept lies as okay.  Doesn’t noticeably affect the “me” I care not.  interesting mind set, severe accident awaiting to happen.  Over years of self view, Birds are gone many many magiratory fowl gone,  All Pine Series of Tree’s  FLASHED-DEAD.  Own property Trees in of 16 acre dying breaking apart like pencil, “Melting at ground life lines or knuckle branching points of some large Branch. Dissolving wood. How does a 10” healthy tree break like being smashed 3 ft above ground.  Residue as mention on Cedar decking, hard scrubbing reveals the sludge.  Tree branches laden with winter snow turning black. Winds shaking pine needles off their pod. Full Trees De-Barked and rest around seem normal.  how can one say Wake Up PPL.  Till the truck drives over your head it will be a notice.  The Effects if thinking will not bother me won’t affect me by any means.  “Trust the Knowledge all Posted with extreme hard work to try and help all see the value in Truth BY THIS WEBSITE. The Dimming Although didn’t mention reproduction affects. It too as in all eco-system parts are all affected and being nuttered. Wild Berries are not as they use to flourish on a morning pick. Any time of day. I feed Deer with Corn- They come in running and savage their intake over hungry. They have no supporting food.  So so Sad.  So won’t affect the me of thought.  Oh It will at a more promise time of thinking your invisible.  No One Is or Are Safe under these Environment Acid Washings – Daily bombing sorties here in mid Ontario Canada. Daily soup of OverCast and Rain Like a Lake Falls out of the Sky. Reaps and Rapes the Ground Soils. Dropping the all Trees Lifes Lines at Bark to Tree Base to Ground levels. Roots of many exposed.  Say no more.  Wake Up Please be a thought – drop the TV, stupid phone from grasp, and use your GOD Given Sense try and look outside the box and Over top your Psychological Implants the “media” has placed in your consciousness.  See what is happening to your world and think how are,  to how long you “Might Continue” to live under these terrible life sucking conditions.  We’re pretty much at that Expired Atmosphere able to support life. (yes its almost that critical a level)  yet – oh it doesn’t bother me its just jet vapor trail.  Odd then how come some commercial planes etc have Zero Trail.  Challenge to the mind on that.. Answer by your own self awareness.  Just look up for some moments. Wait for the Real Clear Skies and observe the Trails then.  They run acid drops daily and your not paying attention.  Checker boarding wait within 4-6 hrs for the next Weather Trauma!  In your Face.  Its been there already long time. Yet the Trees for the Forest are no longer the Forest for the Trees.
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