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Help Us Block the CDC’s War on Innocent Children

help us protect children
  • This month, the CDC took the vile step of adding COVID vaccines to the childhood vaccine schedule — for babies as young as 6 months old.Children’s Health Defense will pursue every avenue, legal and otherwise, to block this corrupt agency’s evil-minded war on innocent children… including suing any state that tries to mandate these shots.Please make a tax-deductible donation today to help us protect children from one of the most dangerous medical products in history.Thank you!

Amazingly, the CDC, who has admitted that they knew the “vaccine” would not work, along with Fauci who had the definition of vaccine reworded, they still attempt to force the jab upon anyone and everyone. Our Socialist Leader has decried the pandemic over. So, WTF are they doing? I hear that children are already forced to have something like 70+ vaccines, when are people going to stand up and say NO MORE?

We have young athletes killing over in the middle of sports, runners, falling over dead, and numerous people injured from these shots, now they want you to give them to your babies.

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