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Too, whenever you file a case, you need to do everything, as if you plan to appeal. Every case goes to appeal, unless it is so shitty a case that it don’t warrant an appeal. Everything you do in your case should prepare for an easy appeal, you have to be diligent, as if youContinue reading “Not Advice, Fact”

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Kennesaw, Georgia has solved America’s gun crime problem by legally requiring all citizens to own and carry a gun. (A shame DeKalb County Didn’t Join Them!)

Nation’s Safest Town Requires Citizens To Own A Gun 16MAR 2018 Rape Whistle Kennesaw, Georgia has solved America’s gun crime problem by legally requiring all citizens to own and carry a gun. Nation’s Safest Town Requires Citizens To Own A Gun The Kennesaw, Georgia, law states that “every head of household residing in the city limitsContinue reading “Kennesaw, Georgia has solved America’s gun crime problem by legally requiring all citizens to own and carry a gun. (A shame DeKalb County Didn’t Join Them!)”

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DeKalb County Halts Corruption Investigation!

As DeKalb investigators turned up the heat, top officials resisted Posted: 4:40 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015 Email 2Facebook 315Twitter 108ShareThis 460 By Alan Judd, Mark Niesse and Johnny Edwards – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Mike Bowers glared into the television cameras, cast again in a familiar role: Georgia’s preeminent corruption-buster. “We’re going to root out conflicts of interest, corruption, malfeasance and misfeasance,”Continue reading “DeKalb County Halts Corruption Investigation!”

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DeKalb Commission remains 2 representatives down  By Mark Niesse View Larger  George Turner, nominee for DeKalb District 5 Commissioner DeKalb Commissioner Boyer could serve prison time The Atlanta Journal-Constitution The DeKalb County Commission’s five remaining members delayed a vote Tuesday to select a temporary commissioner, leaving the body with five of seven seats filled.Continue reading

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Those We Look to for Protection

View Larger Phil Skinner, U.S. Attorney Sally Yates (center) announces that ten local police officers have been arrested on corruption charges in a press conference at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building in downtown Atlanta on Tuesday Feb. 12th, 2013. By Steve Visser Staff Federal authorities announced the arrest of 10 metro law enforcementContinue reading “Those We Look to for Protection”

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DeKalb County Strikes Again!!! 3am Home Eviction in DeKalb Sparks Outrage Written By: APN STAFF 5-9-2012 By Scott Brown, Special to the Atlanta Progressive News (APN) DEKALB COUNTY — In the early morning hours of Wednesday, May 02, 2012, over twenty deputies from the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Department, under orders from Sheriff Thomas Brown, drilled the locks andContinue reading “DeKalb County Strikes Again!!!”

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Daily Report: Public shut out of Georgia courts Public shut out of Georgia courts R. Robin McDonald Daily Report 07-03-2012 Judges across Georgia are closing courtrooms to the general public, citing as reasons a lack of space and security concerns. They are doing so even though the U.S. Supreme Court in January 2010 vacated a Georgia Supreme Court ruling that had upheldContinue reading “Daily Report: Public shut out of Georgia courts”

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Daily Report: Robin Hood lawyer fights foreclosures with a passion ‘Robin Hood’ lawyer fights foreclosures with a passion Katheryn Hayes Tucker Daily Report 06-18-2012 For 34 years, Robert Thompson Jr. had been a business and labor lawyer — as was his father before him — defending corporations and financial institutions and even serving on several banks’ boards of directors. But something happened toContinue reading “Daily Report: Robin Hood lawyer fights foreclosures with a passion”

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It Must Be Time For A Change

DeKalb reports $55 million shortfall for next year By Megan Matteucci The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Facing a $55 million shortfall in next year’s budget, DeKalb County commissioners say they’ll consider layoffs, fire station consolidations and cuts in services to offset the lost revenue. Commissioners learned on Friday that pension troubles, insurance increases and further erosion ofContinue reading “It Must Be Time For A Change”

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